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Specialist Services


Specialist Services

Our pharmacy will now provide a variety of specialised services to help improve the health of our local community e.g. Care in the Chemist, Smoking Cessation, Helping local schools and Emergency Hormonal Contraception. Please keep having a look at our web site to update yourself with the latest services.

If you do not pay for your prescriptions, then this is a new way for you to collect a safe remedy for minor ailments without you having to visit your doctor. You collect a passport book from your pharmacy, one for each person who wants to join the scheme, and explain the problem to the pharmacist. As long as your problem is part of the scheme you will be given a medicine, from a restricted list, to help. There may be times when you are just given advice.

Stop smoking

With all the health warnings surrounding smoking and the possibility of it being banned in public places, now is a very good time to give up. But that is easier said than done!! However to help, we have a scheme that allows you to collect up to 12 weeks of nicotine replacement therapy FREE. You just have a chat with our pharmacist who will find out which type of therapy best suits you and your lifestyle and then come back each week for more advice and nicotine replacement.

Weight management programme

Many people are now finding it very difficult to stay at the best weight for their height. As our lifestyles have become less active, remaining slim is harder. We can help by giving advice on the wide variety of diets that are now available. We can also regularly weigh you and record it so you can monitor your weight loss, hopefully acting as an incentive to help you shed those excess pounds.

Exercise program

On of the most important things about staying healthy is to have plenty of exercise of the right type for your age and height. This will not only help your weight loss but will also improve your circulation, help with your balance and generally make you feel better. We can advise on the best exercise for what you want to achieve and the number of calories used up by various exercises.

Methadone services

If you are struggling to stay away from drug addiction, we can help by dispensing your methadone prescription in a non judgemental way. We understand that you have many problems that have led you down this route, many not your fault and that you are trying your best to recover. However, unfortunately, experience has taught us that many of your fellow addicts can cause problems so we do have strict but reasonable rules that we will ask you to follow while your are collecting your prescription from us.

Syringe exchange

This is a service that we provide to the methadone addicts in our area. We understand that many of our customers do not like this system but unfortunately, it is a fact of life that there are lots of people who have ended up on drugs with no prospect of changing. One of the main concerns is that they inject heroin which, if you use dirty needles can infect them and anybody who comes in contact with their bodily fluids with HIV. In an effort to stop the spread of this disease, the government has asked some pharmacies to provide a syringe exchange scheme that ensures addicts use clean needles and return their dirty equipment to the pharmacy for safe disposal. This greatly reduces the spread of HIV and keeps you and your family safe from accidental infection.

Medicine Use Review

It has been found that many patients are not really sure what the medicines are for, or they suffer from side effects from them and have decided to stop taking them but they don't want to tell the doctor, or the tablets don't seem to be making them feel any better so why bother?

Are you one of those people? We want to help you. We understand that you want to be in control of what you take. You want to understand why you are taking these tablets and to make an informed decision as to whether you will take them or not. We need to get together and have a chat so you are confident about what you are having and why it's important you should take them and if you are adamant you don't want them the NHS saves money by not giving them to you any more. So call and arrange a time that's convenient to us both. We look forward to se
eing you.