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Confidentiality & Information Disclosure


We follow the principles of the Caldicott report into confidentiality in the NHS. All our staff most follow these principles, failure to do so being a disciplinary matter.

Data Protection Act

The information we collect as we record your medication is subject to the data protection act.

Freedom of Information Act

Our policy on this is available on request in our pharmacy.


We are subject to the same guiding principles of confidentiality that your GP is. We take your privacy very seriously. Any breach of patient confidentiality by any member of staff is a disciplinary matter.


Embarrassing problems

If you are even slightly embarrassed we can chat about your problem in our private consultation room. We appreciate your concerns and having “heard it all before” we will give you objective advice.

Personal records

Only our pharmacists and senior dispensary staff have access to your patient records and that only extends to your medication record and not at this time the GP records.

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