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Health Screening & Services




Do you want to know your Body Mass Index (BMI)? You can find it out by weighing you in private, on our scales and giving you advice to help your diet if necessary.

Blood Pressure

Or are you worried about your blood pressure? We can check yours quickly and privately and advise you on any further action needed.

Blood Sugar

There are an estimated million people in the UK alone who have type 2 diabetes but have not been diagnosed. Are you one of those? We can test your blood and through single blood glucose measurement is not easy to interpret, it could be signal to visit your GP.


How's your cholesterol? Too munch can lead to “furring up” and may lead to a heart condition but you can adjust your dirt to help. We can explain your best diet for you. If the result is too high your Doctor may be able to help.

Peak Flow Reading (PFR) (Lung function)

This is a simple check on your lung function which we can compare the results you would expect from your size and age.

Warfarin INR (International Normalisation Ratio)

You only need this if you are on Warfarin, but is more convenient for many people to get this done in the pharmacy.


Needle Exchange 

We do not do needle exchange. 

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